Tricks and Tips for Writing Long Essays

Essay length is an essential element of an excellent college paper. Following the provided prompts for size shows the lecturer that you read and fulfill the provided requirements. Similarly, it is a demonstration that you put effort and thought into the writing process. To be on good books, avoid being on the minimum page or word count for the final draft by filling your paper with excellent content. It can be overwhelming when you struggle to make your essay longer. This article has tricks and tips on how to make the essay longer.

There are several ways to make an essay long such as large margins and bigger font sizes; however, these tricks will not fool your professor or word count tool. When you use tricks from this article, you will make your paper long within a short period.

Use examples

Wondering how to lengthen your essay, then the first place to revisit the claims you made. Revisit the ideas you did put forward and check if you supported them with examples. If, by chance, you did not support your claims with examples, then consider including them so that it can increase your word count and strengthen your argument.

Make use of words/ phrases to transition ideas

Including transitional words is the natural way to lengthen the length of the essay. It is because; it let you jump from one concept to another while at the same time bringing your audience along. Consider the use of the following phrases.

  • With this in mind
  • Indeed 
  • As a consequence
  • Therefore
  • Likewise 
  • Equally
  • However
  • As a matter of fact

Attempt to reverse the outlining

It is the process of reading back through the paper and tries to create an outline of what you have written. It helps reorganize the pages in a method that makes sense to the audience and can identify areas that require more development. If you spot a point that needs more clarification, seize the opportunity to increase your text size. For large paragraphs carrying more than one idea, attempt to decompose it to multiple paragraphs and explain each concisely.

Reread your prompt again

By this time, you have read the prompt more than enough times. However, if you have issues increasing the size of your text, then consider rereading. After you have reread, consider if you have adequately answered all the questions asked by the professor. Consider if you are supported with clear language. 

Use specialists’ quotes

Quotations take big enough spaces. Ensure your paper does not have a lot of quotes from other writers. However, it is to support your work with studied quotes from specialists and this legal way to increase your text size and prove that other authors agree with your findings and ideas. For quotations, use the correct format.

Format the paragraphs

Ensure that each paragraph carries the correct formatting. For each paragraph in your essay, it must have a topic sentence, a conclusion or transition, and supporting evidence or argument. For paragraphs that miss this structure make sure, you fill it satisfactorily.

Make use of more words

Make use of more words or phrases. Consider the following:

  • Turn verbs to nouns
  • Be a bit more descriptive
  • Make use of to be verbs

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