Understanding the Proper Essay Structure

Essays are written following an already predetermined structure. As you prepare to write one, you must be aware of this framework in order to make the most out of your assignment. When writing an essay, remember the three main parts: an introduction, the body and the conclusion. Even though there can be several other sections and subtopics, all lie in these three broad sections. You will only succeed in writing your essay if you have understood what to do in all these sections.

Professionally written essays must have a proper introduction to the topic. The audience should be informed of what to expect and most importantly be provided with facts and information at the body section. In the end, the writer should take back the readers to the beginning by writing a conclusion that provides a key highlight covering the overall objective of writing that particular essay.

What to capture in an essay?

A good essay structure is one that covers every bit of information that will help in delivering the essay objectives. Therefore, it is important to capture important details of everything about your writing. Here are important things to remember about the different essay parts:

  • Writing the introduction. Depending on the size of your essay, the introduction is usually the second-longest section of your essay after the essay body. Here, you are expected to introduce the essay topic to your readers. Provide background information to your readers and make sure they understand the underlying background to the objectives you have for your essay.
  • A body of paragraphs and/or subtopics with supporting facts and evidence. After writing the introduction, you will be ready for the longest part of your essay. Here, the audience will be looking for facts from credible sources concerning the topic of your choice. Make sure that you have broken down your content in readable paragraphs and sub-sections.
  • Conclude by highlighting key points. What was the aim of writing this essay? Have you been able to do so? This is what should come into your mind when preparing to write an essay conclusion. Readers should see this clearly, particularly on how you succeeded to realize your essay goals and objectives.

Organizing your Essay into Paragraphs

Ensure that your essay has several paragraphs. Most importantly, they should be short and precise. Your paragraphs can be 3 – 5 sentences to make them easily readable. Each of these sentences should not exceed a word count of 25 words. Avoid using a lot of conjunctions if you want to achieve this word limit.

Basically, the structure of an essay should be organized in main topics, paragraphs and subtopics.  All the three main sections should be covered with the right information.


Read through various essays and you will get to see that they have a standard structure that is usually followed. Remember to introduce your topic to the readers by providing background information first. Proceed on to provide evidence with facts and conclude your essay with the key highlights.