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The Staff and Board


Stacy B. Aubrey, Executive Director[email]
Sheryl Pulley, Office Manager[email]
Kyle Enriquez, Outreach Coordinator [email]

Board of Directors

Kenneth Reddick, PresidentR. Charles Nichols, Jr. M.D.
Ross T. Krueger, M.D., TreasurerMadison Shelly
Glenna M. Veiga, SecretaryNadine Terk
William R. BolingRobert Thompson
Linda CooperPatricia Young-Jones
Richard Cordell
Sil Kaelin
Mary Biggs Knauer
Mary Lee Pappas
Mary Alice Phelan

Past Presidents

2011-2012   Stephen R. Wickersham
2010-2011   Mary Biggs Knauer2002-2003   John S. Bunker
2009-2010   Cathleen Dunkle2000-2002   William R. Boling
2008-2009   John S. Bunker1999-2000   Sylvia F. Sinclair (Tibby)
2006-2008   Gregory B. Anderson1997-1999   John F. Gaillard
2004-2006   David A. Brinson1995-1997   Ross T. Krueger, M.D.
2003-2004   Ted Pappas1994-1995   Lorraine H. Roettges