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The Staff and Board


Stacy B. Aubrey, Executive Director[email]
Sheryl Pulley, Office Manager[email]
Taylor Beck, Outreach Coordinator [email]

Board of Directors

Kenneth Reddick, PresidentR. Charles Nichols, Jr. M.D.
Ross T. Krueger, M.D., TreasurerMadison Shelly
Glenna M. Veiga, SecretaryNadine Terk
Edmund AkersRobert Thompson
Linda Cooper
Richard Cordell
Sil Kaelin
Mary Biggs Knauer
Mary Lee Pappas
Mary Alice Phelan

Past Presidents

2011-2012   Stephen R. Wickersham
2010-2011   Mary Biggs Knauer2002-2003   John S. Bunker
2009-2010   Cathleen Dunkle2000-2002   William R. Boling
2008-2009   John S. Bunker1999-2000   Sylvia F. Sinclair (Tibby)
2006-2008   Gregory B. Anderson1997-1999   John F. Gaillard
2004-2006   David A. Brinson1995-1997   Ross T. Krueger, M.D.
2003-2004   Ted Pappas1994-1995   Lorraine H. Roettges